A Dress of Memories

Shaghayegh Mazloomi
(Saadatabad, Iran)
A Dress of Memories
mixed media on canvas
60 x 40 inches
The current sociological and cultural awakening in Iran has lead to a strong tendency towards modernism over traditional practices. This conflict emerges in art when for the first time, Iranian artists travel to Europe and confront new art styles and theories so different from their own. This conflict has become a major issue in Iranian painting and a personal subject matter for Shaghayegh Mazloomi. She specifically draws inspiration from the Qajar era of Persian (Iranian) history, forcing an interaction between this tradition and more current art practices.

Mazloomiís recent work has focused on the relationship between a personís memory and their exterior. She stylizes figures as objects and studies how they interact with their surroundings. The bodies of these figures consist of motives and words that depict their spirit and memories. The focus on covering is a result of the varying roles, both decorative and concealing, clothing has played in Iranís history. This is a particularly key subject to explore as a woman living in an Islamic country who is valued by her outer cover.