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Artwork by Sue Canizares

There are many things on our website, from valuable information for artists and collectors to links and images. On this page you will find all the things that don't fit into our main categories. In addition to various feedback and testimonials by artists, we have divided this section into three subsections:

  • What's New with information on who got accepted into the most recent shows and jurors' statements

  • Most Frequently Asked Questions and our answers to them. For example: Are all WMG shows juried? Is Membership necessary to submit work to a juried exhibition? etc....

  • A Tribute Page to artists we miss and remember


July 2013 - Artist Shoshanna Weinberger on her long-standing connection to WMG: "It was few years after graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in the late 90s, when I applied to an exhibition open call at Woman Made Gallery. I did not get into the show. However instead of absorbing the rejection as a blow to my artistic practice and ego, it only fueled and inspired me to further my career as an artist. Creating work for that show extended into building a larger body of work and portfolio, which I then applied to graduate school with. I was accepted into the Yale School of Art, Yale University, Masters of Fine Arts Painting/Printmaking program MFA '03 and have to thanks WMG for inspiring me."

December 2009 - "I just wanted to convey my appreciation for the opportunity to include my painting as a part of the "Family Album" exhibition. My husband and I attended the opening (from Seattle). It was a wonderful evening. Your staff was lovely, the show was curated thoughtfully and looked great, and I met so many other nice artists. I am so glad to have discovered Woman Made Gallery and to have seen things first hand. I could tell it is definitely a labor of love. I hope to return someday. Thank you for the opportunity." --Amy Pleasant, Seattle, WA

October 2009 - "I was in Wednesday night to look at the Beatrice Fisher show, and I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to talk to me. You heightened the experience. If all gallery owners and operators treated everyone who walked in with the same kindness, I'm sure the place of art in society would be greatly elevated." --Damien James, artist and freelance writer, Chicago, IL

October 2009 - "I want to tell you how happy I was to be included in the exhibition "Cultural Memory: Transdiasporic Art Practices" at Woman Made Gallery. International exhibitions are not very common and as I am trying to get more international exposure this exhibition was a great opportunity for me. This exhibition has certainly added to my credibility as a contemporary artist, and having the photo of my piece on the collateral publicity has done even more! You have been exceptionally helpful throughout the process, and I am grateful to have had this experience. Best regards." --Kathy Harriott, Southampton, Bermuda

"I really love the themes that you come up with for the exhibitions. The recent topics have actually challenged me in ways that I didn't expect, and have sent me along paths of inquiry that I might not have traveled otherwise. Even if I don't ultimately try to participate in these shows, I believe that they have enriched my work. I love the idea of the gallery and your life stories in getting there. You've accomplished my dream goal. Thanks." --Sue Canizares, Syracuse, NY

"A professor from Edgewood College viewed my work at Woman Made Gallery in 2007. As a result, I received an honorarium to give a presentation to the Fine Arts department and an artist's workshop with her textiles class. It was a wonderful opportunity to exhibit my work to a new audience, and present my academic pursuits that had inspired the art." --Nitasha Deogun, Chicago, IL

"In 2001, WMG awarded me a solo exhibition where I was able to show work that would not have been seen in a commercial gallery. This paved the way to show the same body of work in other not-for-profit galleries in the US and abroad, including Berlin's Anti-War Museum. I was able to exhibit and speak in places that gave school children and the general public access to the work. In a world where women artists are still marginalized(especially those making controversial art that is not geared toward a commercial audience), WMG is an enormously important venue, both for its artists and for the community of those seeking and supporting art by, about, and for women." --Maureen Burdock, Santa Fe, NM

"Showing my work at Woman Made Gallery has proved to be a powerful experience. Very few galleries provide the kinds of opportunities and support for female artists that Woman Made does, and I was elated when the gallery accepted two of my paintings for their "The Commercial Woman" exhibition in 2008. The career advantages of showing at Woman Made revealed themselves very quickly. Within a week of the show's opening a Chicago collector contacted me about viewing examples of my work, and soon after purchased two original paintings. Woman Made provided my collector both an introduction to my work and a seal of professional authenticity. Seeing my paintings at the gallery, she later told me, encouraged her to seek me out. Like many Chicagoans, she associates Woman Made artists with quality." --Danielle Durchslag, New York, NY

"As an artist based in India, being a member of Woman Made Gallery has given me tremendous opportunities to connect with new audiences. Frequently, I receive feedback as a result of being a part of Woman Made's Online Registry. St. Xavier University used an image of my work on the cover of a school publication because university staff located my work in the registry. I was thrilled to have a solo exhibition in 2008 at Woman Made. This opportunity led me to meet many people in the Chicago area and form contacts for future exhibitions. For example, a faculty member from the University of Illinois-Chicago attended the opening reception and invited me to give a presentation to her class about my work. Furthermore, I was very pleased with the gallery's exhibition space and staff, who made me very comfortable in every way. I feel that I am part of the Woman Made family, and I will cherish this feeling in times to come. I wish Woman Made much success and I look forward to continuing my involvement with the organization." --Shelly Jyoti, Baroda, India

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Images (from top to bottom): 'Embroidered Covered Pot,' white stoneware, 8 x 5.5 x 5 inches by Sue Canizares
'Menage a Trois', gouache on paper, 72.25 x 60 inches by Shoshanna Weinberger

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