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Privacy Policy
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Generic Entry Form

This form is to be used only by artists who intend to enter into juried exhibitions at WOMAN MADE GALLERY in Chicago, Illinois. The use of this form is for WMG purposes only and its content is copyright protected.

If you are unable to submit your work Online, you may use this generic entry form for all Woman Made Gallery exhibitions. Just print out and fill in the title of the Woman Made Gallery show you wish to enter. Follow all guidelines outlined below!

Exhibitions Entry Form
Agreement Signature

Please type and print legibly between 50 to 250 words in relation to the theme. This statement will be reprinted and exhibited at Woman Made Gallery next to your work if you have been selected to participate.

Indicate the total number of images (jpgs/slides) enclosed: ___________

Please send your completed application to:

685 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642

Cut along this line

This form is a generic application (designed by Woman Made Gallery) which must be filled out in order to compete for entry into any one of Woman Made Gallery's exhibitions. To submit this form, print this page (click on the print button of your web browser), cut along the dotted lines, fill in the title of the Woman Made Gallery show you wish to enter on the "Exhibition Title" line and complete and mail it in its entirety along with slides, statement, entry fee and a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope to the address stated on the entry form. All pertinent information necessary for completion of this form has been reproduced, for your convenience, in an easy to print format in the guidelines section provided just below the entry form. Please read these guidelines carefully. Signature on the entry form gives Woman Made Gallery the artists' consent to all conditions specified in the guidelines.

All exhibitions at Woman Made Gallery are open to entries from around the world. If accepted the work must be at Woman Made Gallery by delivery date for the particular exhibit. All shipping and/or custom fees and insurance to and from Woman Made Gallery are the responsibility of the artist.

All exhibit guidelines and entry forms are available at the Entry Form Page. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for FREE from their web site. Click Here if you want to download Adobe Acrobat Reader now.



  1. Artwork is not insured while on exhibit. Accepted artists must take care of their own insurance needs while artwork is being shipped and on exhibit at Woman Made Gallery.
  2. Woman Made Gallery staff is responsible for all installation.
  3. Woman Made Gallery is responsible for invitation design and printing costs.
  4. Woman Made Gallery will send invitations to its 15OO person list.
  5. Woman Made Gallery will have someone on the premises during regular gallery hours.
  6. Woman Made Gallery will provide each artist with 10-15 invitations.
  7. Woman Made Gallery will send press releases to publications and critics.
  8. Woman Made Gallery will return shipped art by the date indicated in the Woman Made Gallery calendar of exhibits with your choice of shipper at the artist's expense.
  1. Works that have been accepted by Woman Made Gallery must be hand delivered or shipped by the participating artists during the given time frame.
  2. Hand-delivered work must be picked up at Woman Made Gallery on or before the date stated in the calendar of exhibits. Woman Made is not responsible for artwork left beyond these dates.
  3. Artists are responsible for expenses of mailing Woman Made Gallery invitations to their own mailing list.
  4. Selected artists must provide Woman Made Gallery with black and white glossy photos of work for publicity at their own expense.
  5. Artists must be professional and cooperative in adhering to Woman Made Gallery schedule and guidelines.
  6. All wall pieces, accepted by Woman Made Gallery must be prepared properly for hanging. All other work must be ready to be installed. Sculptures must be able to sit sturdy on pedestal or floor.
  7. Accepted artists whose work needs to be shipped, must pay a $10 administration fee and are responsible for all shipping expenses to and from Woman Made Gallery.


Slides: Clearly labeled slides of up to three separate works, held in a slide sleeve. One detail slide per work is acceptable. Works must not been previously exhibited at Woman Made Gallery. Label slides with your name, title, medium, size and numbers that correspond to the entry form. Indicate the top of slide with an upward arrow. Slides by accepted artists will become the property of Woman Made Gallery to be used for documentation and education purposes.

CD: Mark the CD with your name and titles of jpgs included. Make sure that titles correspond with those listed on this entry form. Woman Made Gallery will retain your CD if your work has been accepted.

Statement: Woman Made Gallery requires a general artist statement from 50 to 250 words, neatly printed which we will reprint and mount next to accepted work at Woman Made Gallery.

Registration: Complete the Woman Made Gallery entry form in its entirety. Type or print clearly. Include your phone number and email address if possible. Cut it out and return with slides, statement, fee and SASE.

Entry Fee: U.S. $30 non-refundable entry fee for all shows. Make out your check or money order to Woman Made Gallery or use our Secure Form to pay with Visa or Mastercard. Please consider a U.S. $1 contribution to WMG's Entry Fee Scholarship Fund. This will benefit women artists who cannot afford the entry fee. You can qualify for the entry fee scholarship by sending a letter to Woman Made Gallery demonstrating your need.

SASE: Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of non-accepted slides or CD. Woman Made Gallery will not return slides or CD without it!

Please do not send any unrequested materials to Woman Made Gallery.


Works on display at Woman Made Gallery may not exceed 72 inches in any direction or be over 75 pounds in weight. Woman Made Gallery makes exceptions, if the artist hand-delivers the work to Woman Made Gallery and picks up work personally from Woman Made Gallery.
Woman Made Gallery handles all sales of work while on exhibit. Woman Made Gallery retains 40% commission of the sale price. Woman Made Gallery will pay artists no later than 3O days after the close of the exhibit.


Signature on the Woman Made Gallery entry form gives artists' consent to all conditions specified in these guidelines. For further information please e-mail or call Woman Made Gallery at 312-738-0400.

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