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Are You Ready to Be a Web Woman?

Artwork by Ulrike Ostermann

In our ongoing efforts to serve women artists and to educate the public about their artistic contribution, WMG started an Online Artists' Registry in July 2000. It is the best and most efficient self-promotional tool, besides having professional images, an updated resume and bio, being a member of a respected arts organization and participating in their online registry.

If you already have your own independent web page, we suggest that you have another one with Woman Made Gallery. WHY? Because we get the traffic which benefits you too. And there is a lot that you can do with your web site: How can anything be easier and faster than sending 15 images at a click of a button to anyone else in the world who has internet access?

View the artists' web pages! Click on the art images to see more of their art or click on the names to find out who these artists are. As you will discover, the web page is simple, easy to navigate and beautiful on top of it. We are extremely proud of the design, done by Galganov & Associates, our web designers, and very happy to be able to offer it to you for the most reasonable price!


If you have 15 good digital images of a body of work (basic web page), you are ready to have your own WMG web page. Your "Internet Gallery" can help you connect with potential collectors, gallery owners and curators from around the world. All requirements and instructions are in the FOR ARTISTS section, but if you need guidance, contact us by email or call the Gallery at 312-738-0400. The total cost for the basic website for the first year is $250, which includes the annual hosting fee ($150), setting up your site, scanning and color correcting 15 slide images plus one main-page image, and typesetting your personal information (resume, artist's statement, selected exhibitions, etc.) The advanced version of the website allows you to have up to 30 images on your site. The cost is $10 per slide or $5 per jpg image above the initial $250 price. If, in the future, you wish to exchange older images with new work or add more images it will cost you $10 per slide or $5 per jpg image. Editing text is $10 per incident, regardless of how much text you wish us to update. Hosting and maintenance fees will be $150 for each future year.

Artwork by Suzanne Shafer-Wilson
  • Click Here to download the Online Registry Form.

Be Aware

Tips for conducting artwork sales via email:

1. Never give out personal information such as your social security number or bank account information.

2. If someone contacts you inviting you to enter a call for entry for a fee, verify that the institution they are representing actually exists. If the institution has a website, try to find the name of the person who contacted you on their staff list. To verify the call, use the contact info for this person provided on the website as opposed to what you received in the email.

3. Do not send funds to a potential buyer (regardless of whether they are for shipping costs or other expenses).

4. Furthermore, be wary of requests for overpayment. Check overpayment is when a buyer offers to send a check for more than the amount due and asks you to write them a check for the difference.

5. Do not ship artwork until your bank has confirmed that the check has cleared. Be aware that international checks may take two weeks or more to clear.

Posted with permission from the Maryland State Arts Council Visual Artists' Registry


Dear WMG,

I would like to encourage fellow members to join your online artist registry. Since doing so a year ago, I have received many "hits" on my link.

Artwork by Kathleen Waterloo

Several sources have requested slide packets/resumes for inclusion of my original artwork in the print market. A Washington, D.C. art consultant/gallery working with commercial interior designers, architects, and corporate clients also requested a complete slide packet with the potential for commission work. An author in the Atlanta area would like to include me in a book she is writing on creativity amongst artists that she terms "late bloomers." Most recently I have been included in an international exhibition of women artists that will take place in Italy this September.

Woman Made has established itself on the national and international level as a resource for artists, advocates, and aficionados. None of the above would have occurred without my exposure on the WMG online artist registry. Whereas artists may have their own web page(I do) and feel no need for this service, people unfamiliar with their work will never opt to look at that site as they do not know a name to begin with. Being viewed on the Woman Made registry vs. one's own web page holds much greater odds.

Kudos to WMG for being a frontrunner in this area with a most enjoyable, resourceful, professional, and user friendly website. Their 21st century vision has put Woman Made Gallery ahead of the pack. Similar galleries sprouting in other major cities have recently been sending me membership information!

Debates still persist about the legitimacy of showing one's work on the Internet. While the many debates continue, those using it are professional enough to know that they are viewing an image that undoubtedly is better seen in person. And in using it, they are able to conduct their art business and affairs in a more economic and efficient manner. The computer is the visual tool of the art community today. It is not going away. Use it and be seen! -- Kathleen Waterloo - 8-22-01

(top right) Quantum Leap, acrylic on canvas by Ulrike Ostermann
Sterling Contracted Sphere, sterling silver by Suzanne Shafer-Wilson
Hubbard St., encaustic on panel by Kathleen Waterloo

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